The Lyford Rome FAQ...

Last update September, 1997

Lyford Rome

What are you up to?

5.10, 210 lbs. (but I'm not phatt...) Up til June 30, 1996, I taught music, computers and the occasional Spanish class at St. Catherine's School in wonderful Reseda, CA. I also dabbled in the spiritual life of the kids there....planning the liturgies and such. No bad for a bitter ex-sem who currently leans toward atheism, huh?

But I packed up my educational experience and am freelancing my way into the multimedia world. I am working on Digital Audio currently for McGraw Hill Mexico, producing their ESL tapes. Hoped to be working for Living Books, too, a division of Broderbund, but they got swallowed whole and are not hiring anymore. Got the home studio cooking, etc. I haven't left guitar, I just fell into the MIDI hole and can't seem to get out.

My marital situation is blissful at the moment. I am nuptialed to a wonderful, beautiful brunette artist named Joanne Dramko. She likes Kandinksy, colour fields, Siddartha, thunderstorms, and Rush, King Crimson, Bela Fleck, Laurie Anderson and Tracy Theilen... I am a lucky man.... She currently freelances for Warner Bros.., Applause, Mattel and some ad firms... We have his and her studios in our house. (Rented, of course...)

One dog. one cat.

We tied the knot on Oct. 7, 1995, at the San Fernando Mission. Lot's of disco and progressive rock at the reception...honeymoon at Banff in the great white north, eh....

We plan to stay in LA for a while, but may shift to SF or Santa Rosa if the jobs move and we can afford it... New Mexico's looking nice but quien sabe??

What's your platform of choice?

I have been running on an Atari ST for almost twelve years now, and I finally made the leap to MacOS January, 96. I got a PowerPC 120 clone with 40 megs and 5 gigs on the hard drive end. Still use the Atari for midi, and the PPC for audio. That little Atari still is kicking more than a decade after its debut. How many XT's out there can say the same??? Joanne has a PowerMac 6100 with scanner and all and comes up with wondrous stuff in Painter, Photoshop and Illustrator... I am a lucky man...

What do you do with your free time?

We both work at home, take time occasionally for the Jim Leher NewsHour, watch Simpsons reruns and the occasional STTNG and MST3K. We don't have cable. (We have networked our CPU's together in a symbolic link of love and logic. Er, yeah...) I am a lucky man...

We had been gallivanting all around the galaxy, but with the dog and all the work we've had lately we don't seem to be able to travel as readily these days. Definite voyages to do: Lake Powell/Zion thang, the Bay Area thang. Recently,we paid our respects to DC/Maryland. I luv road trips....

Speaking of which, my poor Honda 750 has left the surly bounds of earth and touched the hand of God. That's right, it died and was junked. I'd love to get another motorcycle, but I can't seem to find that spare $700 that I had set aside for just such an emergency...;-) And now look at me, driving a TERCEL! (And a station wagon at that!) (Please allow 14 seconds in which I may place a paper bag over my head. Thank you.) Actually, I like my little car and in a cosmic coincidence that goes far beyond ordinary cosmic coincidences, people say it bears an uncanny resemblance to Joanne's car, a Toyota Corolla FX (same color, about the same size and shape.).

I am also way too into the computer thang, and have been known to either tinker with some customization setting or play Civilization or F-16 Falcon until the dawn's early light.

Whatever happend to sam i am?

Well, that's a doozy. We lost our bassist, Sheri Ozeki, to the "Armenian Michael Jackson" and his touring band, and we never quite regained our stride. Our last gig was this drunken bash that started out as a benefit for the homeless and ended as a pizza and beer swilling frenzy of smoke machines and amps that go to eleven. Chris (the lead guitarist) joined the Beatnik Bandits for a while, Steve (drums) got his PhD in musicology and gigs with Stonewheat on occasion. I have been doing what you have read about the the preceding paragraphs.

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