What a country! Such glorious colors! So smooth scrolling and fast action! Hot parallax action!

And nary a CD in sight - all on floppy!

Yer Basic Arcade Games

Rolling Ronnie 1Rolling Ronnie 2

Rolling Ronny is a bright, colorful game from England. A lot of software came from Europe, as the ST had a better market share in France, Gemany and the UK.

F1 RacingXenon 2

F1 is a Formula One racing game that is pseudo-3D and FAST! The two player option is killer. I would keep my ST hooked up just to play this every now and then... On the right, is a vertical shoot 'em up from the great team The Bitmap Brothers. The graphic feel and liquid parallax scrolling (5 planes!) seem to be a lost art these days.

Yer Basic Simulators

F-16 FalconF-16 Cockpit

Falcon ST is a great F16 flight sim that still holds its own 10 years later. It can't compare with the newer stuff like Flight Unlimited or F18 Hornet, but many an hour was spent bombing and strafing. It contains a strategy element that is unique among fighter sims. A MIG-23 bites the big green weenie (courtesy of a AIM-9L Sidewinder) in these two frames.

Yer Basic Adventure Games

Crash GarrettMonkey Island

French games, such as Crash Garrett on the left, had a real nifty graphic feel to them. Sometimes the gameplay may have been lacking (or maybe it was lost in the translation) but they alway looked great. LucasArts released Monkey Island for the ST and it was one of the greatest adventure games I've ever played, though the poor little 8mhz chip was showing its age by the time it was released.

Yer Basic Misc. Games

CivilisationLegends Of Valour

Oh, where would we be without Sid Meier??? My vote for the GREATEST game ever: Civilization! And next to it, Legends of Valour, a role player in first person POV.

Sim CitySpace Invaders

Oh, the classics. SimCity andSpace Invaders. The one on the left went on to greater things with Maxis, and the one on the right is currently relegated to cheap pizzerias and is best remembered by the Pretenders' song of the same name.