Studio Recordings:

Paul duGre -1992
Goddam Right
Medulla Oblongata
God Rides A Harley

LMU -1992
Swee' Pea (with Janeen Rae Heller on bowed saw)
Goodtime Charlie
She Has
Strip Bar
Livin' And Lovin' LMU

Where we were going when we left off:
Casa Lyford Recordings - 1993
Sons Of Martha
Our Man In Nirvana
Paradise Lost *2
All Growed Up No Solo

Casa Lyford- 1993
Die All You Scumm (Where's Sheri Mix)
Funky Casserole (Bass Player Wanted Mix)

Casa Lyford - 1987-1992
God Bless Donald Trump (Paul & Jorge-1st 4 track ever) 1987
It's A Beautiful World (with Lillian Stone, Lyford 4 track demo) 1989
Relaxation! (Steve & Sheri) 1992

Echo Sound 1987-1990
August 12 (Tasty guitar lick mix with Jorge & Paul)
Novena (Paul & Jorge, guest appearance Derek Devoe)
Fascist Groove Thang (Paul & Jorge)
Santa Claus is Dead (Jorge & Paul)
Livin' and Lovin' (Paul & Jorge)

all work copyright 1987-2004 lyford rome except as noted
1. words and music: jorge ramirez
2. words and music: chris o'flaherty